OCT 21-22

Friday – Saturday

Ladies! You are invited to the FREEDOM Women’s Conference 2022! This two-day conference will be filled with amazing worship, life-giving words, loads of fun, and spectacular production.

At Life Source Church, our goal is to bring Hope and Freedom to all who need it. Freedom Women’s Conference is for every woman!… Mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends.

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Hosted By Life Source

Conference Schedule

Friday – Oct 21

6:00pm Check-in
6:30 Doors Open
7:00 Session 1

Saturday – Oct 22

9:00am Doors Open
9:30 Session 2
11:00 Session 3
12:15pm Lunch
1:15 Session 4
3:00 Session 5

Pastor Becki was born to American missionary educators during their assignment in Europe, and grew up in a pastor’s home. At age 16 she was directing musical groups, choirs and playing piano in church.

She led her high school sweetheart to Christ and they were later married in 1981. Alongside her husband, Pastor Michael McDermott, they planted Life Source International Church in a hotel room. Today, Life Source consists of a 15-acre campus in White Marsh, Maryland, with a 1500-seat sanctuary and a Family Life Center with a full-sized gym, dining hall, chapel, and many classrooms: all debt free! Life Source has several campuses in and around Baltimore and Florida as well as 40 churches overseas in the Philippines, Dominican Republic, South America, and several nations in Africa. Life Source is multi-cultural with a deep commitment to prayer, the Word of God, and reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Mike and Becki have an apostolic calling on their ministry, providing training to other churches and leaders, as well as interventions in troubled ministries. Pastor Becki has co-pastored the churches with her husband and has excelled in the gift of administration.

She has been a credentialed, ordained minister with the Church of God for many years and has been asked to share in conferences here and abroad.

She is a devout prayer warrior with a strong anointing and prophetic gifting to encourage God’s people. She has personally directed or co-directed several large building projects, having knowledge in the building trades and expertise in interior design. She has a pastor’s heart and together they have been blessed to have three children and six grandchildren.

Christ-follower, wife, mother, joy-enthusiast, encourager, worshiper.

Charmaine is an out-of-the-box worshipper with a passion for cultivating godly families, growing Christ-centered marriages, and to see God’s people unlocked and fully free in worship!

Charmaine was born in the US Virgin Islands into a Christian missionary/ministry family. She is the fifth child of seven children and was raised in Tennessee.

In her teen years, Charmaine began to question her relationship with God and subsequently stepped away from the Lord for a season. Charmaine graduated from high school and in her 20s, accepted a corporate job as a secretary. Through a series of interesting events, Charmaine became a graphic designer and digital animator. As Charmaine designed, she was able to move up within the ranks of the corporation, eventually designing for companies such as HGTV,  Food Network and Turner Broadcasting.

Charmaine’s design career would eventually lead her to produce television shows and design for Christian artists and ministers such as Judy Jacobs, Phil Driscoll, Doyle Dykes and Perry Stone. In 2001, she recommitted her life to Christ. In 2003, she married her lifetime friend and minister, Curtis Bridgeman. They moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2004, where they became part of Jimmy Swaggart’s International Ministry. They subsequently ministered through Trinity Broadcasting Network and with artists such as Jason Crabb, Alvin Slaughter and Babbie Mason. God continues to take their ministry around the world through broadcast and media.

Pastor Curtis and Charmaine are blessed with four sons and one daughter. They currently reside in Baltimore, MD and are creative arts and worship pastors at Life Source International Church.

I grew up a preacher’s kid. Holla! But in 2016, my foundation as a follower of Jesus was shaken when my brother was diagnosed with cancer. Although I had been a follower of Jesus my whole life, the next two and a half years would challenge everything I thought I had believed about God. In February 2019, with the passing of my brother, I found myself struggling with a debilitating fear of dying—my trust in a good God was all but gone. Over the next several months, God began to show me how my walk with Him relied so much on what other people told me about Him, what I heard about Him in sermons, or read about Him in devotionals.I had not truly gotten to know Him for myself and had not experienced many personal encounters with Him. When life’s storms came, I didn’t have a relationship with God strong enough to withstand the destruction they brought. You see, I realized I can’t trust someone I don’t know. I can’t trust God to be good and loving even when hard things come solely because other people have told me that He is. I have to get to know Him for myself and have my own revelations and encounters with His love. 


I realized that I was not the only one who relied on other’s revelations of God. But why? Why do we not approach the throne of God boldly like it talks about in Hebrews? I have found that there are many reasons, but the two biggest ones I see are intimidation and fear. When I say intimidated, I mean that for many women, we haven’t been given tools to approach God and to grow our relationship with him. We are told to spend time with God, but have no idea what that actually means or how it could really look. We fear that we don’t have what it takes to really know God because maybe we aren’t holy enough, don’t have the right personality, aren’t in church leadership, or haven’t been a Christian for very long. And so we shy away from the one thing that Christ died on a cross to restore—a deep, authentic, loving, personal relationship with YOU.

So this is my heart and mission: to take the intimidation and fear out of women knowing God for themselves and to empower them to live fully present to their purpose on this earth.

Lisa Stanley is a passionate minister of the Gospel. With her Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry, she is an Ordained Minister in the Church of God. Lisa passionately pursued her call into ministry through graduating from Master’s Commission, Christ for the Nations Institute and Chesapeake Bible College.

She served on staff at Life Source International Church for seven years as pastoral assistant to Pastors Mike and Becki McDermott, and three years as Youth Pastor.

Lisa has ministered through missions in the United States and around the world, and has a deep desire to reach and pray for the 10/40 window. She believes that drama and dance are powerful tools to share the Gospel, and loves to write/teach dramas and illustrated sermons for the church. She has a heart to pray for others and the Lord flows through her prophetically. She worked in the business world as a department manager for 6 years, and is married to her loving husband, James and has 3 beautiful children.